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Processing Plant


Located in the province of Silistra in Bulgaria, our timber mill and raw materials processing plant meets the highest international standards for quality. Situated 12 km south-west of Silistra town, the mill complex occupies over 20 decars and comprises three milling plants.

Our timber mills use the latest technology to produce the highest quality products in the most cost-effective manner.

Since the start of our operations, demand for our pallet element product has exceeded all expectations and production has increased by over 500% in the first two-year period.

The company also operates a timber storage yard and retail wood supply warehouse in Silistra town which trades as Rafael Trading Limited.

We operate a sustainable forestry management programme in co-operation with government authorities and privately managed forests. This ensures compliance with technical, environmental and legislative specifications. Our forestry staff are skilled and professional tree markers and foresters who understand sustainable forestry practices and ensure consistant quality wood raw material.

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