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Message from the Division Manager

Dear Colleagues and Clients

Since our inception in 2005, when we commenced milling and processing timber products at our Silistra plant, we have evolved into one of the most dynamic companies in our industry. We have passed milestones in our operations resulting in a tripling of our annual production capacity, exceeding all expectations.

The result-driven performance that we have achieved, together with our values of determination, integrity and commitment, has put us at the forefront of the local Bulgarian market and, more importantly, placed us in a prime position in the export market.

I am especially proud of the recognition and support of leading organisations and industry operators throughout the world and believe the prospects for Rafael Wood Industries continued growth and development are excellent.

In closing I would like to thank all our employees, contractors, clients and associates for their continued support and for being a part of our success.

Yours Sincerely
Milena Vasileva
Division Manager

Rafael Wood Industries

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