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Rafael Trading - Wood Factory

Rafael Trading Ltd. is the company that owns and manages the Silistra Factory. The primary production includes timber pallets slatting. Rafael Trading manages the production facilities and the sales process, client relations, and new business development. Also, it works on new business and new products development and on the drafting and execution of the strategy of the group in the wood section.

As part of the 2007 Strategy, Rafael Trading has the following strong strategic initiatives:

  • It recently implemented and installed a new fully automated pallet elements production line which will improve dramatically the capacity levels and decrease the associated costs
  • It is at the final stages of installing and integrating a timber drying mill production line that will increase the quality of the existing production line deliverables and vastly improve the profitability of the company
  • It will set up a factory-within-factory for the production of combustible timber pellets
  • It will upgrade and enhance its existing production line in order to be able to produce high end timber product for furniture assembly
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