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Business Overview

Rafael Wood Industries is a member of the Rafael Group|Bulgaria of companies.

The Rafael Group|Bulgaria is a dynamic multi-faceted corporation established in 2003 and based in Bulgaria. The corporation was founded and is guided by Mr. Vassos Andreou.

The Group, under the leadership of Mr. Andreou, provides expertise, direction and support to its multi-faceted business operations and industry-leading initiatives.

Rafael Wood Industries, directed by Mrs. Milena Vasileva, is one of the largest timber sawmills and raw materials processing plants in Bulgaria, focussing on the milling and supply of high quality timber product. The company has been in operation since 2005 and has made considerable advances both in production and operations and is now certified to ISO 18001: 9001 ensuring rigourous standards and quality assurance are maintained.

The company continues to improve methods, practices and performance levels; with its sawmills currently producing 9,000 cubic metres per annum.

The factory’s forests wood supplies are directly or indirectly managed by Rafael Wood Industries and undertakes its own logging and milling, as well as dressing, drying and packaging, to ensure consistent quality and lower costs.

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