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About Rafael Wood Industries

The Rafael Group|Bulgaria is a dynamic multi-faceted corporation established in 2003 and based in Bulgaria. The corporation was founded and is guided by Mr. Vassos Andreou.

The Group, under the leadership of Mr. Andreou, provides expertise, direction and support to its multi-faceted business operations and industry-leading initiatives.

Message from the Division Manager

Since our inception in 2005, when we commenced milling and processing timber products at our Silistra plant, we have evolved into one of the most dynamic companies in our industry. We have passed milestones in our operations resulting in a tripling of our annual production capacity, exceeding all expectations.

Rafael Wood Industries Companies
Rafael Wood Industries include:
Ares Les

Rafael Ares Les Ltd. is the company which works closely with the forest authorities and other wood companies in order to secure steady supplies of wood for the factory and for the production of the necessary supplies for our clients.


Rafael Trading Ltd. is the company that owns and manages the Silistra Factory. The primary production includes timber pallets slatting. Also, it works on new business and new products development and on the drafting and execution of the strategy of the group in the wood section.

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